About Chef Brien O'Brien


Born in Los Angeles, CA in the mid-80’s, Brien's culinary journey started  when he was 13 years old in his mother’s kitchen in Redding, CA.  "I  remember turning a package of fresh strawberries into a puree by hand  (today I would use an immersion blender, but with age comes wisdom) then  adding sugar and cinnamon until it was a delicious strawberry sauce!!"   This is where Brien's love for creating food began. 


Brien was named the 14th Best Home Cook in America by  the FOX television show MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay in August of 2017.  "This is only the first of many awards I  hope to accomplish in the field of the culinary arts."


After MasterChef Brien worked in a few kitchens and as a private chef, but he always desired becoming "classically trained" as a Chef so starting in January of 2018 he embarked on a year of rigorous study  at the worldly renowned Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California's Napa Valley.  There Brien honed in his culinary knowledge and fundamentals while also studying fine wine.

POst Culinary School


After Culinary School Brien worked in several kitchens and for several Napa wineries while he planned his next move.  This allowed him to experience all of the fine wine and fine cuisine of the Napa Valley, furthering his love for California inspired French cuisine.


Brien's next venture would be to team up with his brother Zach and launch a series called Eating NorCal which promotes local restaurants in Northern California.  Branching off of its parent company Active NorCal, Eating NorCal aims to highlight all things food and drink in Northern California with pictures, videos, and articles. Eating NorCal: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


With the celebration of MasterChef's 10th season, Brien was asked to be the first EatWith MasterChef Ambassador.  With this role he posts weekly videos discussing the different EatWith opportunities for Season 10 to the EatWith Instagram page.  He also hosts private dinners through EatWith' which gets him back in the kitchen a few days a week.