About Chef Brien O'Brien

 Born in Los Angeles, CA in the mid-80’s, my culinary journey started  when I was 13 years old in my mother’s kitchen in Redding, CA.  I  remember turning a package of fresh strawberries into a puree by hand  (today I would use an immersion blender, but with age comes wisdom) then  adding sugar and cinnamon until it was a delicious strawberry sauce!!   This is where my love for creating food began. 

 My biggest honor was being named the "14th Best Home Cook in America" by  MasterChef in August of 2017.  This is only the first of many awards I  hope to accomplish in the field of the culinary arts, so follow along  and enjoy my journey!! 

I’ve since spent my entire life learning the ins and outs of cooking and my own signature style, but have always desired to become "classically trained" as a Chef.  Starting in January 2018 I will hone my skills at the world renowned Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.